Service Announcement: 2 September 2022 : 3:30-5:30 UTC

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow 2nd September there will be a ~2 hour maintenance on (3:30-5:30 UTC), as we will deploy a new version including small fixes, improvements and security patches.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Murena Infra team

Update: The maintenance activity is successfuly complete. Thanks for your patience. Closing this thread.

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Hi manoj,
why the nextcloud security scan is still rated ‘F’?
I hope that an actually patch Level was installed for security reasons? Is there another reason not to install the latest patch level/major release?



The response from the infra team is as under :

  • F comes up because “major version is not supported”
  • We are on the latest patch level of NC22, released 19th July (Changelog - Nextcloud).
  • The latest major release was not ?installed because there is a QA and development efforts and also compatibility check with our eOS user base. We will announce when NC 23 release is planned
  • Since we get these questions frequently we plan to create a document around it so that next time we can link to it and users will get the response faster.