Service Announcement : 26 May

Well, if Deutsche Telekom is the benchmark, you still have a week to go: they took a whole week longer than planned when they renewed Magentacloud in December 2021. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

The ecloud Web UI seems to be working now, but file and notes sync is still unavailable in both desktop and phone clients

Well, thanks for updating us, no bad blood from my side.

Luckily this happened before v. 1.0 as a test of all backup systems; untested backups are as good as no backups :wink:

But you might plan in some backend redundancy, multiple hours downtime are not acceptable if I would have been dependend on eCloud, and now we are at a day of degraded performance.

Everything seems to be working now

No unfortunately not, all Caldav requests via the apps of the devices (iOS, IpadOS, MacOS, Fedora36, Android12) cannot currently be connected.

Update: CalDav is working again…

This maintenance just leaked my data, I have found other /e/ users data on my phone and have unlinked it, what the hell are you doing with the servers !?

Hey! This is concerning, how did you find it? I have sensitive data on this cloud, what did you manage to see?

Mostly photos (screenshots from other devices judging from the resolution of the images), they include phone numbers and other personal data, the photos started getting downloaded and when i saw it i unlinked the account from my phone to prevent further leaks, and i am guessing my data also leaked to other people.

Ok thanks for the answer! Hopefully, I didn’t have the same problem, no download on my side. I see that is up. The problems may come from it? And maybe not on all servers. Where do you live (approximately)?

European Union member state

All servers are told to be in Europe, I don’t know if we can access their location more precisely… Anyway, thanks for your answers, I hope they will find out what happened… I may suggest you to contact them on tweeter? maybe? I don’t think they will appreciate the advertisement, but I guess they are transparent about this kind of problems (at least I hope).

Contact who on twitter? I have posted this issue on the forum here, but i am not sure who else to contact.

The issue is already with the infra team, and they are looking into it. Will share any update from their side.
If required, you can send a mail on where they can check based on your account ID
The work on the restoration of services is still in progress.


You could try or I think … But Manoj just answered, so I guess it’s not necessary…


I have the same issue as Shiro. All verry stainge screenshots of people on my telephone. How could this happen?? Is my personal data now all over the internet or whats happening?

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This is urgent, another users data and photos somehow leaked into my account and have downloaded to my phone, I expect it also happened to the other user, and trying to access the e cloud site it says its down for maintenance, this kind of data leak is unacceptable and i highly doubt it was a hack on my account specifically. If this issue is not fixed or at least addressed i will be leaving /e/. This is not acceptable ! There is nothing private or secure about this OS or the cloud if something like this can happen during maintenance !

Pl can you explain in more detail what data has leaked on to your phone and in which app are you seeing this information

Primarily i have found other /e/users photos in my gallery, the screenshots being from random bliss launcher screenshot to personal information such as messages and contacts, it has most likely leaked thru my /e/cloud account which i have deleted from my phone since it is the only thing that could leak such information.

Pl do not share personal information like email IDs on your posts. A user flagged it and the sentence with the ID has been removed

Alright, but how will you know if it is a single account problem or a whole network wide issue?