Service Menu to test microphone 1 on FP3+

Dear Community,

I want to test microphone 1 according to this Fairphone support page, as the callers cannot hear me.

Fairphone proposes to Dial ##66##** to enter a service menu. Doesn’t work with my Fairphone 3+? I only get an empty list.


The Fairphone support pages only refer to the standard Android incl. the Google apps and services.

I guess the service menu just isn’t implemented in /e/?


Will check with the dev team if this is the case and respond

Any news? I also should enter the service menu. How to do that on /e/OS? Or is there an other way to find the firmware version of the phone?

Any updates on this? Fairphone support asked me to access the Service Menu by dialing *#*#66#*#* which also doesn’t seem to work on /e/.

I need this for a battery status check. Is there maybe another way to perform this test in /e/?

There is an app by Fairphone called “Checkup” that allows you to test the display, speakers, mics, mobile, wifi and vibration. No battery test included.

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