Services provided with adress

A few months ago I received an email address in, which allowed me to access the various d /e/ services.
I have some questions about that:
First, will this email address be valid for life or only for a certain number of months/years?
Then various synchronization services are offered, agenda, address book, (mail), notes, photos/videos, tasks; but also application settings. Is it possible to restore application settings when they are backed up? If so, how?
Finally, unfortunately I can’t update my phone because I have encrypted it and TWRP doesn’t work.
When the /e/ blind comes out (if it is not already out) would it be possible for the apk to be shared on this forum?
Thank you in advance for your answers!


The email ID are called and released as test ID’s but having said that there are no plans to scrap the ID’s given. You can use them for a long time. I use them for all my personal /official work - no problems

There is a synchronization that happens with the /e/ drive once your account is created and setup on the phone. You can see a folder called Devices created on the website for edrive you can access this site by typing your and password. This folder has some basic settings which get updated to your phone every time you run a OTA build. Also note that since we are still not in the release stage some settings do get overwritten as new applications are introduced and old one retired.

Did not understand what apk are you referring to here. Please can you clarify


First of all, thank you for your answers.

What is an OTA compilation?

If I don’t talk nonsense, /e/ has or will have its own alternative application market at the Play Store.
Is it already the case? If so, would it be possible for the apk of this market to be shared on this forum? Otherwise, will it be possible to share the apk when the market comes out?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @Pragmethik OTA is ‘Over The Air’ . As you know once we have a device officially supported by /e/ the builds for that device are available over the air. The user can download it via wifi or mobile data directly on their phones and update the system.
The other option is when you manually download the build to a PC and then flash it manually to your phone through adb.

Yes you are right when you say /e/ will have an application repository. Right now it is under development. Apk’s for the repository should be available for download separately but that will be at a later stage.
The repository would be available by default on the /e/ builds.

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