Session messenger

I am planning to clean up a bit my digital life and I have come across new messenger - Session messenger which reuires no phone number or e-mail address in order to register the account. It seems to be privacy good focused app :thinking: Is anyone using it and can share own experience?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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I keep seeing SimpleX on F-Droid. On paper it seems like a.similar, privacy messenger. Any thoughts or users of it.

SimpleX Chat (SimpleX Chat - e2e encrypted messenger without any user IDs - private by design!

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It sounds nice. Question is if SimpleX is only on F-droid. Most of people I know are are googly :thinking:

SimpleX Chat is available in Aurora Store, and the Play Store so it’s available to Googly people :slight_smile:

Good to know :smiley: thanks for the information :heart:

I cannot add info from own experience as I neither use session nor simpleX but here’s a quick review on simpleX (in German but deepl might help)

And here’s an overview on messengers from the same author: (English version available) session not included (yet?)

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Danke schön. Ich verstehe nicht zu kompliziert Deutsch :wink: I had a bit of German at school, so it is fine with me :innocent: Thanks for the links :heart:

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Installed yesterday after your post. Thanks.

I’m sharing a chat with a professional advanced IT friend, who was aware of its existence.

  1. simplex may impact battery draining. It is actually on top of my list with a 13% in ten hours.
    You can save battery, by removing it from running in background.

  2. apparently you need different chats for, say, mobile and PC

  3. it do not allow to take snapshot of itself

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Lately I have hecked both communicstors, SimpleX and Session. From what I have noticed, the main differencess are:

Session is possible to be both, on telephone and on the computer.
SimpleX is not availanle in computer version.

Session eats less energy / battery while working in the background than SimpleX.

I have no idea on how to check the traffic in the background, like what really app is doing.

Hi, after almost 2 months of usage I must admit that Session works like a charm. It is based on Signal encryption and I love the possibility to not share my phone number or e-mail address with people in the chat. Session eat a bit more energy while voice conversation but still it is much less than SimpleX just working in the background.

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Hi, I am trying to use simplex and messages and telephone are working, only cameraś are not working on both e foundation phones. Is this a known issue for e foundation phones or is this a confuguration isssue? (i have simplex enabled in configuration/ privacy/ rights/ camera)