Set default file browser app (v. 1.6), Files/Material Files

Hello :slight_smile:

I am using a Fairphone 3 and have just upgraded to version 1.6 (Android 11 (R, stable)). Before the upgrade, I had set Hai Zhang’s Material Files app as my default file browser, replacing the native Files app, which remained on the system.

Now that I’ve upgraded, I cannot remember what I did to set this up — Settings > Apps and notifications > Default apps doesn’t list an option to set a default file browser, I can’t disable the native Files app, and there’s no option to make Material Files the default app in the in-app settings.

Edit: Before, my phone noticed there were two file browsers installed and asked me which one I wanted to use, “just this once” or “always”. Now, the option doesn’t pop up. It opens the native Files app by default.

Could someone point me in the right direction, please?

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Going to Settings, Apps, your app, Advanced, do you see a “Open by default” setting?

Or you can try to uninstall it for user, via PC command line:

But this might has some issue, as I experienced here:

Yes I do, but none of the options in there are selectable – tapping on them does nothing.

I also had material files once. Until I saw that the developer is a senior software engineer at Google and can be called a Google fanboy.

That such a person offers a FOSS app seems to me as moral-washing (in the sense of greenwashing).

Maybe the app failed to register as eligible app for any protocol…

Just checked, I’m offered the choice with MiXplorer app.

I tried with Simple File Manager as well and I get the same issue as with Material Files.
The lack of options in ‘Open as Default’ is the same with the native Files app.

It’s not a major problem, and I don’t really want to reinstall v1.6 again, so if there’s no workaround then I’m happy to just leave it.

Having said that, I just opened Syncthing and selected the icon to open my sync folder, and it opened automatically in Simple File Manager…

…but when I open KeePassDX and open the file browser to look for a new password vault, it opens the default Files app. No option to choose in either case. :man_shrugging: