Set UnifiedNLP Backend on eOs 1.12.3 Pixel 5a

Hey there,

I am using eOs quite a while now and it works perfectly except that the Mozilla UnifiedNLP Backend for my location is not sufficient. I installed the Apple Wifi UnifiedNLP Backend which gives me very good results if looking at the location provided by it in My Location.

However, how do I switch to this backend as the eOS default? I can not find a way in the microG settings to switch from Mozilla MLP.

Thanks a lot!

For now, you can’t.

For now, there is no way, please see

ohkay, thanks… That’s a pitty… so I have to try to update the MLS database to not disyplay the wrong location if I am at home. Any idea, whether microG will mange to be more fexible again?

Only what the microG developer says himself in the release notes … “This means that some features previously available through UnifiedNlp modules do no longer exist. The goal is to merge the most important of those features into GmsCore.”

Thanks a lot for pointing me to the details. Seems like, I have to wait and really update the Mozilla DB.