Set up an alternate email


To setup an existing or alternate email account with /e/OS’s Mail app.


  • Email account access with username and password.
  • Email account’s mailservers details including IMAP or POP and SMTP server hostnames respectively. (Note: Your mailserver hostnames may or may not be standard, please check with your provider for exact hostnames and ports)

Let’s roll.

  1. Navigate to and open Mail app from the App drawer

  1. Tap on the top-right icon to navigate to ‘Add account’ option to open it

  1. Enter your email account access details as show in the image below and tap ‘MANUAL SETUP’:

  1. Select your incoming mailserver access type, for example IMAP and tap ‘NEXT

  1. Enter your Incoming mailserver details as shown in the image below and tap ‘NEXT’:

  1. Enter your outgoing mailserver (SMTP) details to tap ‘NEXT

  1. Mail app will check settings and ask for Account Names. Kindly input the desired details.

  1. You are all set to test and use your alternate email on Mail app.

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for writing, @manish

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If I may add my 2 cents : after checking it’s working fine, export settings as a backup !
For information the export file is pure XML, so it can easily be read.

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