Setting a calendar alarm

I would like to set an alarm, like an alarm clock setting, that will go off and continue to ring till i respond and dismiss it. A little beep going off and not repeating doesnt do it for me. Is there a way to do it? If not, id like to see this feature added.

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Try OneTimeAlarm (Alarm reminders which delete themselves automatically after firing. )

Did you try using the clock default app instead of the calendar ? It looks like it will suit your needs better.

I think I’m looking for a replacement calendar app, with more alarm choices. I want to be able to put events in a month or more in advance and have them trigger an alarm that will ring loud and long, to remind me of an appointment.

Try this
Chrono (A modern and powerful clock, alarms, timer and stopwatch app for Android!)

Customizable schedules (Daily, Weekly, Specific week days, Specific dates, Date range)

Configure Melody, rising volume and vibrations

Configure Snooze length and max snoozes

404 file not found. Did a search for Chrono on F-Droid and got 0. Will look on the www later.

Sorry, I posted a dud url. It’s from the Izzy repo. Not the official F-Droid one (yet?)

You can also grab it here:

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