Setting a global http proxy in settings

Is there any way to set a global HTTP proxy in the phone settings? If not, does anyone know of an app that could do this?

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wifi networks have pac url paths to autoconfig a proxy. You can also do it through adb as in:

A funny way to supply the .pac is via a phone-local small http server handing out a file local .pac - see How to set Proxy Auto Config (PAC) file in sdcard of Android - Stack Overflow

It if works, I find this a better option : How to set Proxy Auto Config (PAC) file in sdcard of Android - Stack Overflow

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I know how do it for WiFi networks but I am waiting to do it for all traffic on the phone. Unless I’m misunderstanding your answers I don’t that either of these will work.

That is a funny way of doing it though!

What I would be using this for is internet filtering. We have proxy setup that does the filtering and I’m trying to route all traffic through it. We have used Manage Engine’s MDM and that works on your standard phones but it seemed to really be confused by the /e/OS phone. Support claimed that google services were interfering somehow and would be looking into it. I’m trying to explore other options in the meantime, if an MDM app could do it seems another app should be able to too.

Thanks for you response so far.

I don’t think AOSP has global http proxy support implemented - Samsung Knox has though - Knox PAC Support (Proxy Auto Config)

There is a thread with a user supplying Squid as http proxy via pac for Wifi. While that thread was about app-lounge (not) respecting the proxy settings, after reading around it seemed it is increasingly hard to use http proxies to filter/inspect device traffic as not all Apps will respect the supplied proxy address.