Setting for "triple tap" to zoom?

I’ve two /e/OS devices running version 0.21 and on the former one (running /e/OS for >3y) I’d always had the possibility to zoom in (and out) by tapping 3 times on the screen.
For the new device I don’t find the setting to enable that possibility, too.
Does anyone know where I could find the according setting?

On my device (e 0.21…), it’s located in the Accessibility settings under Magnification.

Thanks for your reply!
This is what I see under accessibility->magnification:

Unfortunately I don’t find my triple tap option. :frowning:

Are you sure both devices are on Android 10 (e o.21…)?
Here’s what I see under “Magnification”:

(Having trouble uploaded photos; will try later.)

Upon tapping "Magnification, I first see a screen with these two choices:

Magnify with triple-tap On
Magnify with shortcut Off

Choosing on the triple-tap option, I then see a screen with toggle similar to the one you pasted, but for triple-tap.

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No, they’re both Android 11 (with version 0.21).

It’s working with this system:

but not with that system:

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Ah, OK. My 0.21 is “q” (Android 10). Sorry.

Maybe the options changed from Android 10 to Android 11? Developers tend to change and/or remove things, it seems to me.

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Yes, but it still seems to work under A11 (after an upgrade) but can no longer be configured/enabled… :frowning:

If that’s the “new and improved” magnification, then that, plus the annoying extra step in power-button long-press options is enough to keep me on Android 10. :roll_eyes:

I’d be ok with the new version, but the shortcut overlaps with the icon used for vertical/horizontal selection so the latter is no longer displayed/can no longer be used when enabling magnification shortcut.

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BTW, one of your devices is running the -dev version, and the other the -stable one, so something must have been changed between them.

Don’t think that is the reason. If I remember right I also didn’t find it when installing the dev version some time ago and just managed to get it back by restoring system settings from a backup…
So I’m afraid you’re right and the GUI option for this setting is no longer there in A11…

Maybe install a separate app for magnifying?
Or see if the navigation buttons can be changed/rearranged (may require a different launcher)?

I have a LineageOS Android 11 device…
Check out System > Buttons > Invert Layout

And I see you can’t use the magnify shortcut method to zoom in on the keyboard. Bummer… I guess this is not a change from previous behavior.

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Yes, thanks, will search for it.

Unfortunately this also inverts the vertical/horizontal selection icon - so same problem…

Yes, you’re right. I’d never noticed that before… :wink: And actually that’s no problem for me as the keyboard letters are large enough for me to read… :slight_smile:

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