Setting to turn off sound and/or set notifications on vibration

I don’t know why I wasn’t able to find anything about this but I’ve just remembered using a sound setting (in the quick settings panel) where you could activate sound, turn it completely off or set it to vibration. I was only able to find do not disturb which is not the same.

Is there a way to get that feature? Seems like it is not on LOS either.

I have never seen such a feature before but that is probably because I’ve rarely used or checked out the tiles.
Quick check I see that it is present in crDroid (LOS-based) A11 but not in my /e/OS A11.
Checking others I see Sound is present in Havoc OS Pie and AospExtended A11 but not in /e/OS A10 nor LeOS-R (LOS A11 GSI).

So I guess it’s not / wasn’t universal.

There is a faster path: push a volume button, then tap the symbol at top of volume bar.

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Yes, much faster than a tile.
Never knew the symbol was functional, after all these years. :exploding_head:

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That’s great! Thanks. I think Android use to have that in tile (don’t know if it is still the case). It is exactly what I was looking for.

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On my Android 13 device, I can also add a “Mute” shortcut to lock screen (search Settings for “shortcuts”).