Setting up alias email address

Hi all. I was wondering if it was at all possible to set up alias email addresses in the Murena email. I’d like to fully transfer over from Microsoft Outlook but rely on aliases for my emails. I know there is the hide my email address feature but I was looking for something more along the lines of:

myname@murena (main email address) with being the alias. If it is possible is there a limit on how many you can create? Thanks in advance.

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You just have to add a “+” with your alias, to your user.
For example: => (also works with
AFAIK, there is not limit.

You may want to use filters to organize your messages in different folders :wink:


Thanks. Is it possible to do it the way Microsoft implement it? Say your original email is name@outlook, you can then set up an alias under that account like jobhunting@outlook. and it all goes to the one inbox.

No, it’s not available.
You only have one alias, please read here: Hide my e-mail

My problem is that I have to deal with a local tap water supplier, for me and my old parents. Two different billing accounts, but same supplier.

For registration their site asks an email as a user, and do not allows the same address for two different accounts. So I cannot sign with twice.

How can I sign to their site with, say, for my house and as alias ?

You may try with any Murena email address can be varied using “+something”.

If the supplier accept it, you may then add a folder to your account, and a filter to have them automatically sorted. seems a bit outdated, please see here for instructions with SnappyMail: Email filters in snappy mail? - #2 by smu44.


Perfect, @smu44. \HUGE{THANKS}

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