Settings to change in a Galaxy S10 for stock Android?

I realize the title may be a little weird. Yesterday I received my /e/ OS Galaxy S9 and started messing around with it. Was working fine when I went to bed.
It did not work fine this morning, so I factory reset it which has caused it to be stuck in an endless bootloop.
I’ve let the Support team know and I imagine they’ll get right on it, however, this has had two major affects, the first being that I’m a little offput by /e/ as a daily driver now, and the second is I’m back on my previous Galaxy S10 while I work the issue.
While conceptually I love /e/ I’m not sure if this is a one off bad luck or if this is a sign that I just can’t use an /e/ phone for my everyday use case. In any event, I’m on a standard Android while I wait this out. I’m wondering what settings I can change to protect my privacy as much as possible for the time being? I already use ProtonVPN and block trackers, but I’m wondering what else.

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When you will have fixed your s9 problem,

Reboot to recovery mode (TWRP),
choose WIPE in the main menu,
SWIPE to factory reset
Tap back to the main menu
when rebooted, choose REBOOT SYSTEM.

you will could install /e/ on the s10