Setup Screen pinning


To learn about Screen pinning, its usage and how to enable it to pin specific applications to the screen.

At times, you feel the need to lock a specific App on your /e/ phone to the screen with a password. For example when you give your /e/phone to your child to play a game or watch a show. Or when you happen to allow someone less known to you ex. work collegue to see their favorite sport results on an App during travel.


  • A smartphone with /e/OS
  • Patience to fiddle around with /e/OS Settings

Let’s roll.

  1. Open /e/OS Settings and scroll down to navigate to ‘Security & location’ settings

  1. In ‘Security & location’ settings, scroll down most to tap ‘Advanced’ to enter 'Screen pinning’

  1. In ‘Screen pinning’ page, toggle the radio switch to turn it ON and make sure ‘Ask for password before unpinning’ is also enabled as seen in the image below.

  1. Once done, navigate to App you wish to Pin to the screen and goto home-screen (For the purpose of this guide, let us use Browser). From home-screen, use left physical/touch button or a swipe up to enter App overview as seen in the image below.

Tap on bottom right ‘Pin’ icon as seen in image below.

All set, tap ‘Got it’ after reading the instructions and your desired App, Browser in this case is now pinned.

If you try to exit or switch apps you would receive instructions to unpin the screen

Tap and hold Back button to unpin it by entering your phone’s password/passphrase or use your bio-metrics to unlock it. Once done, your desired App is not pinned to the screen any more.

It works with most user or system Apps, games etc.

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