Setup the screen refresh rate

Hi everyone,
I am very sensitive of the eyes working a long time with screens and I am looking for a smartphone I could set the screen refresh rate at around 24 Hertz. I mean roughly because the aim is to set it up below the common 60 Hertz rate. I was wondering if this is possible for the deGoogled /e/?
Happy to discuss this

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Why 24 Hz? It would probably flicker a lot and the whole user interface would jerk. Both are hardly easy on the eyes.

I don’t think this is important not to focus on a particular frequency because the aim is just to decrease the frequency of 60 hertz. I think the human eye can get up to 24 pictures per second maximal, but this is not the question here again.
Is it possible to decrease the screen refresh rate below 60 Hertz? That is the question.


That is not true and one of the biggest myths in the history of IT.

I have never seen such a setting in any version of Android, on any device, ir in any custom ROM. I suspect it would not be possible (at least without making very low level changes in kernel code and recompiling / rebuilding the kernel, and possibly not even then).

And I’m pretty sure that nothing like this is anywhere in /e/'s current roadmap. And nor should it be in my opinion; it’s way outside the scope of what /e/ is trying to achieve i.e.

  1. A privacy friendly, ‘de-googled’ phone OS
  2. Exciting (if you like that sort of thing) new UI (e.g. new iPhone-imitating launcher and notification paradigm, and apps with a unified colour scheme)

I know that the Xaomi Mi MIX 3 can for sure be upgraded to 76Hz, using a dtbo custom image.
You may search/ask on XDA.

“That is not true and one of the biggest myths in the history of IT.”

This is a fake news of course.
But this is not the topic here, however.

Making a user friendly environment is an aim for ALL devices. Some are just more flexible than others.

The fight against blue lights is naturally science fiction for some people. For others, this can make the every day use more comfortable, exactly like a lower refresh rate if you have sensitive eyes.

You are not obliged to feel that way for yourself, but unrespect and narrow minds are not a way to go.

That 24 Hz is better for the eyes is complete nonsense, the opposite is the case. That’s why you won’t find a custom rom, OS or any developer anywhere in the world that includes an option to set the refresh rate to 24 Hz.

The only reason would be that you could play movies smoothly at 24 FPS, because the refresh rate of the screen and the frame rate of the movie could then be in sync.
But that has nothing to do with eye-friendliness.