Several Apps doesn`t work (Spotify, Tunein, Shazam, Soundhound)

Hi, after buying a Xiaomi Mi8 i have installed the newest version of Eos. But when I installed the needed apps, I encounter several problems. The Spotify app starts, but is freezed at the Spotify Logo. The Tunein App crashes immetiately after opening it. Shazam and Soundhound start but only show a message, that there are software parts missing.
Do you know about those problems? Is there anything I can do to make those apps work?

Thesea re all know issues. You will find here and in tekegram group a lot of people with he same issues. All these apps are needing the original goolag play services and won’t work on eOS with microG.

Pls don’t try to install goolag play services. It will fail and destroy eOS philosophy

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Hi @dede1988 try to download these apps from Aurora Store and see if they work. As @harvey186 mentioned some of them may require GAPPS to be present so may not work in /e/.

Hi @Manoj,
Pls don’t write GAPPS. GAPPS are gmail, gmaps, gcontacts and so on. And these apps are nit needed for running the requested apps.
Sure, they incl. play services, but I think in this case it’s better to be a little mire detailed.

Thank you for the quick reply. Tunein and Spotify can be used in Browser but is there any app like shazam which works?

I use spotify without any problem, even with an installation with Apps. In the past I had the same problem (see Old post). You can install spotify via aurora, but also directly download the apk from

For shazam or soudhoud, I use “music identification”, it works quite well (it uses gracenote).

Can you ensure that the apk is untoucht on akppure ?? I don’t trust them

Spotify app has trackers…so, apkoure or not, sincerely, i don’t think it’s a big différence… Moreover, why do you trust aurora, more than apkpure…

Aurora has access to goolag store and as far as I know apkure has his own server where everyone can upload his apk

Thank your for your answer. Music Identification ist great and without tracker (Soundhound and Shazam have many trackers). I found out, that the spotify version from Aurora doesnt work. But when you install spotify from “Apps” it works.

This version is older than from Aurora. So don’t update spotify :wink:

My Spotify shuts down today, I can’t play songs I have downloaded. And then I tried to put them elsewhere to play, but it just didn’t work. I did some research on it and they say songs from Spotify are protected so that they’ll not be shared. But I’m not sharing!! Then I got the TunesKit Spotify Music Converter and turn them to mp3, farewell Spotify.

Use Deezer? I’m really loving it

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Maybe you could try to move Spotify music from your computer to your device to see whether it can work. There are some tools in the market that can help you. But among them, I would like to recommend you to use the DRmare Spotify Downloader to help you. It can work well for you.

Will it be able to play downloaded music files with those apps? I have ripped some songs from CDs and download Spotify songs to mp3, hoping to play them offline on my Xiaomi Mi8

I come across the same issue. And I solve the problem of the Spotify app by using a workaround. I download Spotify to MP3 by my AudKit Spotify to MP3 Converter. Then import the Spotify MP3 songs to my Xiaomi Mi8 for listening offline.

Hi guys! thanks very much for sharing this tool. I Google this tool and navigate to the DRmare official website and found that that they are holding the 2020 Halloween Sales Party.
I’m joining the first part and get a free DRmare Spotify Downloader. So luck to me! Thanks very much for your great idea. I can play Spotify music on all devices offline now. Amazing!

Did anyone hear about Spotify Premium Free APK ? it seems to unlock all the features only available for Spotify Premium without paying for a subscription for an unlimited period on Android devices,I have’t use it ,I still use Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify songs.