Several issues (unusable Apps app, problematic location services, failure of dating apps)

Hello community,

Overall, I am so pleased to be benefiting from the hard work of everyone at the e foundation. However, recently several issues have arisen that make using the OS difficult.

First, the Apps app has not been working for weeks now; whenever I go to install an app, the app quits. And no .apk package is downloaded for installation on my Samsung Galaxy S9, unlike as indicated for some other users. This means the Apps app is basically useless at the moment. I also still cannot log into the Aurora App store, which severely limits my access to apps.

Another issue is the severe lack of accuracy with location services. These seem to be fairly inaccurate and affect the utility of other apps that are use location services, such as Whatsapp and some dating apps, too, like Tinder, which I have not been able to use at all.

I’ll continue using e os for sure, but I do hope that a fix for the Apps store and hopefully the other two issues is forthcoming?

Many thanks,

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Hello, sorry for the issues you encounter.

If no .APK files are in Android > data > > files > download, then have you tried the last version of Aurora ? Anonymous login works for me.

For the location, what is your location mode ?

Hi Francesco,
as you have written, it’s know that the apps store isn’t working well. As far as I know, is on the way to resolve the issue.
regading Aurora: wait til end of week, in f-droid will be published a new version, wit working anonymous login.

regarding location: Have you once tried outside ? I know it from myself when trying inside a room it doesn’t work or only bad, because it’s using the cell phone access point near you to locate you.

Regarding your apps: You know that you have named 2 of he most spying apps in the market ? I hope you are running them in shelter on not on your normal profile as here described

Hi Harvey,

Thank you very much for your response. Yes, I am aware of the fact that they are terrible for privacy. I’m working on moving completely away from WhatsApp, but it’s a process, since many of my friends and relatives are reluctant to move away from it. I’ll get there, though!

As far as location, I am using ‘device only’ - its performance has been variable.

And I will do as you suggest and wait until the end of the week for the next update to see if Apps will work again. Aurora still isn’t working for me, at the moment.