SevScan+ App doesn't work anymore

Hello everyone,
I use SevScan+ app for my mobile accounting and scanning invoices. Actually it is not possible to log in anymore, since the last update. On google Android it works fine anyways.
The only site with informations about the app I found is linked below. If anyone has an idea why it doesn’t work on /e/ anymore, I’d be thankful f a hint.
Before the last update it worked fine so far.

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for login problems, if the error persists for 1day+, one can search the appid at Problem Apps · microg/GmsCore Wiki · GitHub and Issues · microg/GmsCore · GitHub . If there is no report you can consider filing a bug with your microg Version and debug via adb logcat output.

I installed (e 0.19q / microg the app from the /e/ store (1.2.2 (171)), created a test account… and after starting up the app it stalls at the splash screen. Logcat shows an empty return token.

D GmsHttpFormClient: device=2147483648&app=de.sevdesk.sevdeskgo&cert=<>&app_ver=171&X-subtype=<longhash>&X-gcm.topic=%2Ftopics%2Fsdgo_common&X-app_ver=171&X-osv=29&X-cliv=fcm-22.0.0&X-gmsv=212158043&X-appid=<appidhash>&X-scope=%2Ftopics%2Fsdgo_common&X-Goog-Firebase-Installations-Auth=<authtoken>&X-gmp_app_id=1%<appid>%3Aandroid%<uuid>&X-firebase-app-name-hash=<appnamehash>&X-app_ver_name=1.2.2&target_ver=30&sender=<senderHash>
D GmsHttpFormClient: -- Response --
D GmsHttpFormClient: token=

You could try if a newer version of sevscan is also unable to login. A user with a more current microg could also test if it is already resolved.

Thanks so far. BTW I’m running e 0.1920211027142973 on a FP3+. Since the last update I can log in properly, so it seems to be no issue anymore.
Thx anyways so far

app looks super useful (budgeting etc), but the amount of identification bits some apps send is just… :slight_smile: