Share a calendar with "privacy" / "show only date and time"

Dear All,
I have been a happy and very satisfied user of /e/ for many years, thanks to all the developers / helpers for their time and efforts!
I have been struggling with the following problem over the past weeks: how to share my calendar with a browser link so that people can see ONLY date and time of my appointments, and NOT details of the appointment. This is analog to the Google Calendar option to share a calendar link with “show free/busy”.
On my Calendar, I can indeed copy my public link (“copier le lien de partage” dans le presse-papier), but then, anyone can see all my appointments in detail. I would like to access - if possible - a link which shows only when I am busy/free, with no more details.
Is there a way to do that?
One solution would be to change all my events to a “show only date and time” status, but (1) this would be long and (2) I would regularly forget to do that when I am creating new events.
Hope I am clear,

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Very good idea, I have the same request !

At least, would it be possible to activate “show only date and time” be default ?

Thank you :slight_smile: