Share ecloud storage with family?

Is it possible to share my storage allocation with other ecloud users?
E.g by having shared R/W folder(s). I’m thinking about sharing with 2 other family members.
Having one shared 64GB is less than half the price of 3 20GB plans, and more flexible too.

Hi, currently not. I raised an issue a few months ago but no progress there:

If it is your family and you trust them, you can share your email / password with them, so they can login same way as you do.

Thanks for replies. What I’m asking about is distinct users with their own addresses and logins to, their own persoal contacts and calendars etc. .
Can share read/write directory with,
and whose quota would be used for files in that shared space (folder owner, or creator?)

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That’s not working (in the moment) as mentioned above from @weichselbaumj

I found the answer that it is the folder owner’s quota that is used when a file is created in a shared folder.

While @weichselbaumj is talking about calendar sharing, I have experiemented with a second account, and it seems that folder sharing between users also does not work. (or at least user lookup doesn’t work in the share pane?)