Share files between computer and devices

Hi there,

I have a new /e/ device since few days.
Every thing is working good.
Before, I had Cyanogen working on it, and to put files on my devices through my computer, i had to accept it on my phone (change “charging through computer” by “sharing files”).

Here on /e/, i don’t find that possibility on the phone and the computer doesn’t see my phone.

Do you have advices or ideas?

Thank you!

You should be able to swipe down and see an option ‘Android System - charging…’ as show in the screenshot below. This is on a Pie ROM the text would be different for other OS versions
When you see you select file transfer mode
If the device is not being detect at all by the PC try a different port or usb cable

Ah damned, my bad.
One cable was ok for charging but no transfer.

I found another one and try, and yes, with this one I can see the option “transfer file”…

Thank you for this simple-solution-that-I-should-have-found-myself !

Have a good day,

I hate this. Why there are ‘charging only’ wires available ? There is no need for such wires.


Those wires can be useful when you charge your phone on a USB port available in a public area, to prevent any malicious code to get in your phone, since you don’t know if a Raspberry Pi is hiding behind that port.
But an “USB condom” could also be used so yes maybe those cables aren’t really necessary for the general public.