Share/send Magic Earth location to people outside /e/

Hi all! I’ve been asked to send a geolocation to someone who uses Google Maps. Apart from Magic Earth, I also have Osmand, but when I share locations/points in the map with this apps apparently only people with the same apps can open them. Is there any way to send a geolocation to someone who uses Gmaps, and vice versa? (the same way you can share a Whatsapp message to Telegram or viceversa). Has anyone experienced this issue when sharing geolocations with people out of /e/?

Your question reminded me of an app: What3Words. They make the whole world of 3x3m squares and every location has its 3 words. So when you stand somewhere you see those three words in the app.
When you tell someone else those three words, he/she will be able to find the exact place on the map. I’m just mentioning it because this app is not well known yet but it can be useful for example if there is an accident or something and you have to give your exact location.
There is also a webapp and it’s easy to share the location also with geodata.

What3Words is a great concept and it is in the /e/ app store, but it has quite a few trackers…

Thanks for mentioning it. Unfortunately there is no privacy rating right now for this app in the store.
I look at those ratings and do not install anything under 6-7. For example there is a great little game called Cut the Rope - bad rating, won’t install. If this app has trackers, they should change the app. The concept is indeed good though.

Yeah what3words has a 0/10 Privacy rating in the /e/ appStore and 7 trackers (Google/Facebook)