Shared calendar solution

Hello everyone.

I am currently struggling to find a good shared calendar solution that I could use on my /e/Phone.
I am happy with my personal calendar on eCloud, but I need to sync with other people and I don’t know how to do it.

I was using a shared evil calendar, but I want to find a new Open Source/Privacywise good solution to replace EvilCalendar totally.

Any Ideas?


You can share your ecloud calendar, no problem. On right side of the calendar name (‘personal’ for example) is a ‘chain link’ sign. Click it and you can find the option for sharing

People can see my calendar, sure.

But what I am looking forward is:

  • How can they send event invitations for me?
  • How can they add my calendar to their calendar?

Remember that my peers do not have /e/ and some of them even use EvilCalendar…
I want to find a solution that I could see their events on my phone or at least have a common calendar that me and the other person could add events to it.

Any ideas?

you can share the caldav link under ‘settings’ on bottom of left side

that’s good.
But I want to know how can people that doesn’t have /e/ installed on their phone, with regular android/iOS could add our caldav to their phones.

I’ve trying to sync with my flatmates and I am struggling. Ggl does not allow to add CalDav links.
Those MF

Just found a good solution for Android users: OpenSync + Simple Calendar using account on both devices.

Works like a charm :slight_smile: