Shared calendar solution

Hello everyone.

I am currently struggling to find a good shared calendar solution that I could use on my /e/Phone.
I am happy with my personal calendar on eCloud, but I need to sync with other people and I don’t know how to do it.

I was using a shared evil calendar, but I want to find a new Open Source/Privacywise good solution to replace EvilCalendar totally.

Any Ideas?


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You can share your ecloud calendar, no problem. On right side of the calendar name (‘personal’ for example) is a ‘chain link’ sign. Click it and you can find the option for sharing

People can see my calendar, sure.

But what I am looking forward is:

  • How can they send event invitations for me?
  • How can they add my calendar to their calendar?

Remember that my peers do not have /e/ and some of them even use EvilCalendar…
I want to find a solution that I could see their events on my phone or at least have a common calendar that me and the other person could add events to it.

Any ideas?


you can share the caldav link under ‘settings’ on bottom of left side

that’s good.
But I want to know how can people that doesn’t have /e/ installed on their phone, with regular android/iOS could add our caldav to their phones.

I’ve trying to sync with my flatmates and I am struggling. Ggl does not allow to add CalDav links.
Those MF

Just found a good solution for Android users: OpenSync + Simple Calendar using account on both devices.

Works like a charm :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Could you be more specific about your solution? I would like to share my /e/-calender with a friend who does use Android as OS and not /e/Os. Could she just download the APK for the /e/-calender? Or how could she get access to the /e/-calender-app?

  1. Non /e/ user has to install OpenSync app and Simple Calendar
  2. Create a common account for /e/ and non /e/ users
  3. /e/ user adds common account to his phone and mark calendar to sync
  4. non /e/ user adds /e/ account to OpenSync
  5. Both uses Simple Calendar to add/modify calendars

Something like that, let me know if you have more questions


Thanks! Meanwhile i have found this instruction in the manual of my /e/-account as well :wink: Well, we will try it out throughout the next week :slight_smile:

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I want to download the “Simple calendar” app for my friend. There are so many in the Google Play store… Is that the right one?

use f-droid and you will find the one and only. For FOSS apps, use allways f-droid


Is it possible that my friend and i use different calendar apps. We want to share two calenders in future. I want to keep on using the preinstalled “Etar”-calender. For my friend i have installed the recommend “Simple Calendar Pro”. Will that work? Or do we both have to use the same calendar app? Then i will download “Simple Calendar Pro” as well.

I have done these four steps. Now i am not sure how i can connect the /e/-account calender and the “Simple Calendar”. Currently they do not seem to be connected on my friend’s phone… How i do connect them properly and how do i synchronize the calender?

I can answer it myself now. Yes, it is possible to use two different calendar apps.

Finally, it is working. I use the preinstalled etar-calender apps. My friend uses “Simple Calendar”. My friend uses OpenSync. It was just confusing for me, because i thought that we both need an /e/-account. Apparantly that is not necessary in out case. We just use my account now in OpenSync. That seems to work :slight_smile:


Are they able to add events to the shared calendar that you cab see on your app?

Yes, that works well. My friend and i can both add events. Also, i can use my notebook to go to my /e/-account directly. There it is also possible to add or edit events.

Sure, it must work, because you both are using a standart caldav protocol. This protocol was developed for working on every OS with every caldav client.
Bad everything has a good and a bad side. The bad side is, that all users are niw knowing the ecloud creditantials. That means, all users could now login to and have access to files, contacts, email, everything.

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