Sharing of address book with other Murena users

I have the problem, that I want to share a addresse book with other users. In the calendar app I can successfully share it with other users. But when I want to share it in the settings of the address books, it says after a short search, that the user is not found.
What do I have to do, so that I can share an address book with other users like in the calendar app? I already created the user in the address book.
Thanks for your help

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Did you try to get a link to your address book then send it to your friends?

Thank you for your suggestion. But this does not work. It only gives me the link to the address book. But the other user has no rights to access this address book.
In the calendars you can share the calendar and there the user with the address will be found an I can grant him rights.

In the address book section the same user is not found.

I can confirm the problem, also happens on selfhosted.
Maybe related to NC privacy settings:

I opened an issue:
@Manoj could you please check with /e/ devs that this issue is correctly redacted and categorized?

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Thank you very much!

Dear Matthias and smu44,

i have also an murena account with my wife and it would be helpfull to have a common address book and calendar. Do you know a solution for this?
Actualy i can only share a non writeable calendar to each other, so we see the appointments, but cannot change these. Would be a tremendous help.
In the roadmap a saw a family option for murena cloud, would be wonderful.
I like my whole family to be deGoogles :wink:

Best wishes

Hello Jalmer,
actually you can share your calendar with other murena users if you use the full email address. The user will be found, if you put the whole address in the field to share. This works with my de-googled family! :slight_smile:
But in the option to share an address book the contact will not be found even if you use the full email address. That is the problem.
My work around at this time is, that I created a third account just for the address book. So I have to sync two accounts on each mobile, but this works for us, too. But the thing is, that a sharing of the address book would be much better!
I hope this helps you,

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Good news @matthiaskessler! The GitLab issue has been assigned and scheduled :smiley_cat:

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@matthiaskessler the calendar share has been fixed by Murena team (thanks to them! :smiley_cat:) and the issue closed.

I made some quick tests, it’s working fine now. Please note that you will have to use the real email address, as seen in user profile (that’s to say: for older users):

Hello smu44,
thank you for the message! I made some test too and it is working like I thought! Thank you very much! This is perfect!
Lots of greetings

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