Shazam app crashes

I have successfully installed Shazam from a Google Play APK.
However, when opening the application it cant start because I get this error:
“Shazam is missing required components and must be reinstalled from the Google Play Store”.
I have also tried and successfully install it by downgrading from the Aptoide store.
The Aptoide version works.
It looks like anything never than version 8.4.2 of Shazam dont work on /e/.
Any suggestion is welcome but mostly I just want it to work by installing it from the e app store.



I’m using SoundHound, which is an alternative to Shazam. You can download it from /e/'s Apps.

shazam (11.9.0-210107) is working just fine on my FP3 with e/OS/-0.13-dev
I installed it via Aurora Store though.

Shazam works from at least 1.0 of /e/os installed from App Lounge.