Shelter and ClassyShark

Hi all! Here’s what I did:

  • I installed Shelter on my Samsung S8 with /e/OS preinstalled and default BLISS Laucher: two new icons with padlock appeared (for Contacts and Files apps)

  • then I installed ClassyShark3xodus from F-Droid: the two new icons for ClassyShark app appeared: one without padlock and one with an exclamation point ! :

Screenshot from 2021-08-23 16-33-18
Screenshot from 2021-08-23 16-33-35

but Shelter does not show ClassyShark in the list of cloned apps:

Screenshot from 2021-08-23 16-40-45

If I uninstall the ClassyShark app that has the ! icon, then also the app with the correct icon is uninstalled.

I also tried to install ClassyShark after disabling the work profile but nothing has changed: when I enabling the work profile, the ! icon appears.

This does not happen for other apps (e.g. andOPT, ProtonVPN, KeePassDroid, …).


Ok … I installed ClassyShark in Shelter and this is what happened:

Screenshot from 2021-08-23 17-30-05

It therefore appears that ClassyShark creates 2 icons if Shelter is installed