Shelter cloned app icon

Just started using shelter and have cloned the contacts and files apps.
Shelter makes new icons for these with a padlock? on them.
I have also cloned the calender app but there is still only the original icon (without ‘padlock’) visible. how do I know the original app is being used in the shelter container?
Thanks in advance.

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It’s not a padlock it’s a briefcase.

Restart Bliss Launcher (or your phone) and the third icon should appear (in my case that’s how it works).

Why have you cloned contacts? ? It is standard in shelter, same as file manager and microG

Thanks for the reply and thanks for the info.
Seems to work after a restart.

Mostly because I’m still new to Shelter and I figured any apps I need (almost) sandboxed should be cloned. If I have misunderstood best practice with it, I appreciate any advice given :slight_smile:

That’s ok, but now you must have 2 contacts apps in shelter. That’s what I don’t understand :thinking:

After re-reading my previous post and researching other posts here about shelter. I can see I have been unclear :flushed:
After installing shelter, I have 2 contact apps, but only one in shelter, since shelter clones contacts and files apps automatically upon installing. What I then did was clone the calender app and was missing an icon for it, hence my first post. Anonyme then helped me fix that. :smiley:
What I am still in doubt about is the two contacts profiles, work and private. Have I understood correct that the work profile which shelter creates is used for the unsecured data?
A real case example for me: I want to install a fitbit app but don’t want it getting hold of any data apart from that necessary to e.g. update the software on my watch etc. and no contacts data (don’t know if it does but don’t want to give it the possibility).
Should I then clone the fitbit app to shelter and use the shelter version and maybe only have my contacts in the standard (private profile) contacts app and none, or few, in the shelter (work profile) contacts app to ensure this?
Apologies for the slightly longer way of asking, but I’m still trying to get my head round this work profile concept :worried:


If you launch ‘sheltered’ Contacts app, you’ll see it’s empty by default. Then you can import a special *.vcf file with just those needed by your other ‘sheltered’ apps. I’ve only six contacts there, for W.A.

I’d installed WhatsApp from ‘sheltered’ e.Apps store, so never installed it in main profile (WA, Messenger, Skype… sucks your Contacts-list if launched in main). If a ‘bad app’ is in your main profile, don’t launch it, launch Shelter, clone it to Work Profile and then, in ‘Main’ part of Shelter press and choose Uninstall :wink:

Ahh many thanks, it’s starting to make sense now :grin:
What would be best practice with the calendar and gallery apps to ensure privacy then?

For me ? NO CLOUD !!!


Absolutely! But I was thinking more along the lines of is it worth cloning them to shelter and only using the main apps?

Hi all!

I recently start using Shelter for my car app which replace usual key. No real choice then. I think I did everything correctly (cloning e.App to the work peofil and then installing the app in this profile).

As mentioned by @Anonyme, I have the same problem as he had : the briefcase is not always shown on the app icon in the shelter. When I check, the app is for sure installed in the work profile and not in the main. If I restart the phone, nothing change regarding the icon.

Does anyone as an idea on his to fix this issue?

Thanks for all your reply!