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Hi Guys

anyone uses Shelter in combination with Afwall+? Afwall+ worked perfect for a very long time. Now I installed Shelter and configured a second profile to install some “too curious” Apps like Whatsapp etc. on the same cellphone.

but since that day Afwall+ isn’t running smooth anymore. I hangs a lot. Has crashes. It still does its job. Recognizes the newly installed Apps. Even in the second profiles. But like I said, it is crashing a lot.

Someone knows this behaviour? Is there a solution to this?

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Might want to check the AFWall+ issues tracker. A known issue it seems.
Search for ‘shelter’ or ‘profile’.

Issues · ukanth/afwall · GitHub

Thanks for your hint. You are right, seems to be an issue in Version 3.5.3
Finally I was able to install Version 3.6.0 Beta. And everything works fine.

Just take care, you have to reinstall Afwall+. And the Backup of the Settings didn’t work in my case. Only the Backup of the rules. And even this only partially.

But if anyone is struggeling at the same point, it might be the solution.

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