Shift Calendar or recurring standard events

Hello beautiful people :slight_smile:
Anyone working shifts and trying to de-google?

I’m looking for a way to export recurring events or so-called shifts to the murena calendars :slight_smile:
I’m working as a nurse and studying, so I need to consolidate everything in one calendar, with minimal effort.

I’m still looking for classic calendars to facilitate such tasks, maybe with event templates and the possibility to set that event on multiple days in a month at once. On the play store, there exists third-party apps that work as shift calendars, but they all require in-app payments to unlock the webcal sync option…

Many people are working shifts (not always on rotation) or could use event templates.

Does anyone know of a tool?

Thank you <3

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Etar (the default Calendar App) can set recurring events, but no event-templates or anything that helps with shifts. There’s an opensource “ShiftCal” that brings some helpers, but it has UI challenges on editing individual days and isn’t caldav based (to sync it) as far as I can see.

I guess you’ll need to reach for any of the Playstore offerings. Interesting use-case of course, lots of people do shifts.

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There was another thread on the forum where a fireman’s employer kept the shifts on a proprietary calendar then distributed the shifts in that format.

My point is, have you considered asking your employer to distribute shifts as a calendar, I guess many co-workers might benefit (and the employer?)