SHIFT6mq - Create device tree on /e/ GitLab instance

I would like to contribute changes to the SHIFT6mq (≽(•ᴗ•)≼), however it seems there is no device tree on the GitLab instance.

There are a few issues a common partner of us would like to get fixed, for example support for relocking the bootloader.

What would be needed to get a device tree created, so i can start contributing? :slight_smile:

So … using the device codename axolotl and you can find

/e/OS is forked from LineageOS – so we look there first for “fundamentals” (github rather than gitlab) :slight_smile:

At Lineage there is verified boot deactivated and it would need to be explicitly enabled for /e/, that’s why i can not submit it to Lineage but need a forked device tree for /e/.

For example:

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