ShiftPhone - 5me / 6m / 6mq

ShiftPhone and Fairphone have the same idea of sustainability, longevity and fair production. It would be nice if the whole product range of ShiftPhone Shift5me, Shift6m and Shift6mq would be included in the /e/ community. Shift also has its own “google-free” approach “ShiftOS in version L”, but this project is still in teething trouble. See the discussion forum:

Let’s make the world a little bit better :slight_smile:


Translated with (free version)


I would also like the Shiftphone 5.3 to be included :wink:

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Hi, I would be happy to see the shift devices on the list of supported devices from /e/. In particular the shift 6m as I have one.
Thank you for your support!

Hello, I would also be very happy to have a Shiftphone with e/OS, for me Shiftphone version 5me would be fine. Is it very difficult to do this? Maybe we could initiate someone to do it?


  • SHIFT-OS (Android™ 8.0)
  • MT6797X Helio X27 | 2,6 GHz | 10 cores


  • SHIFT-OS (Android™ 8.0)
  • MT6797X Helio X27 | 2,6 GHz | 10 cores

For these two, sadly the main issue is MediaTek not providing open sources
ShiftPhone could i guess, but it’s not something can do on it’s own


  • SHIFT-OS (Android™ 10) | Custom-ROM-Support
  • Qualcomm® snapdragon 845

For this one on the other hand, there may be hope once /e/-Q is out


Once it’s out, the SHIFT13mi might be a great idea too.

I am also interested in the SHIFT6mq and SHIFT13mi.

I would also like to see support for Shiftphone. Especially the new 6mq :grin::grin:

And the tablet!! That would be amazing

I am also very interested in support for SHIFT6mp - and for the future also for SHIFT13mi.

As I own a Shift 6mq I would be glad if there comes /e/os for this device.

I own a SHIFT6m and also would deeply appreciate if /e/OS would run on it…

Same here! Would even pay for /e/ support > Android 12 on shift 6mq