Shortcut to OpenPGP


So I have setup openpgp with k9 mail. But I noticed if I want to use openpgp with an app like signal, I have to open openpgp by going into the system settings.

Is there a way to have a shortcut to this, as sometimes I need to use the decrypt feature manually. It would be nice to just be as to open the app as needed.

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ähhhm, you know that signal has his own encyption :thinking:

Yup aware of that, but signal can also be used to send SMS messages which are not encrypted.

The point really, is that in order to send an encrypted message through a none encrypted chanel, one has to go into the settings to open “open pgp”.

It would be a lot more useful to be able to open it from the home screen.

Ok, sorry, I don’t understand that part. If you want use Signal for ‘normal’ sms why want use openPGP ? It’s a SMS :thinking:

But could be that’s outside of my knowledge

So I’m guessing this can’t be done unless I get a 3rd party app.

Presumably the reason for SMS is because the recipient is not a Signal user nor a user of any other encrypted service which is trusted by the sender. In that case one would want to still use encryption provided by OpenPGP or other trusted alternatives. If the recipient is an OpenPGP user then this is a good enough solution. An alternative, if both parties can be persuaded to adopt it, is

thanks for clarification. but … I still have a problem to ‘understand’ If I use SMS encrypted via PGP because the receiver doesn’t use signal or any other encrypted messenger, isn’t it easier that the receiver will use also an encrypted messenger ? I don’t know how much encrypted messangers we have, but I think here will be one which can be used from both.

Yes. However, it is necessary that both parties trust the means of communication. In this instance I suspect that OpenPGP is the only part of the chain that both parties trust.
Furthermore, SMS means disclosing one’s phone number only to the phone network provider (unavoidable.) Whereas OTT messaging services usually also require the number. In this case the recipient might not be comfortable with that.

That is correct, there are instances where openpgp is the only trust level.

/e/OS come with OpenKeychain. Should be available from the app drawer (for me) as well as through Settings. Is that the tool you’re trying to use with Signal? Never used it before so just wondering.