Shortcut to turn off ringer

Very often I would like to ensure that the phone doesn’t ring. It would be nice if I could do that by just pressing the volume down button on the side until the volume goes to zero. However the default is that pressing the volume down button silences media playback, and to turn off the ringer I need to press the left arrow on the screen to open the ringer volume adjuster. Is there any way to change that?

There is a setting called “Shortcut to prevent ringing”, but that doesn’t work for this. I think that only shuts off the ringer after someone calls.

Don’t you have a ring-type symbol on top of the media slider ?
Also, you can try Power+VolumeUp combo, you can change the behavior in “Prevent ringing” setting :wink:

Yes I have that symbol on top. But to turn off the volume I have to press the volume button, and then tap the screen twice, once to vibrate and then again to silent. To turn off the media volume, all I need to do is hold the volume button down. If there was a way to replace the media slider with the ringer slider, it would be much easier to silence the ringer.