Should we have /e/ Flashing stores?

Why “Earned”, @DiegoM?

The potential /e/ user doesn’t donate to me but directly to the build maintainer / developers or

In your opinion, does the /e/ team not deserve recognition?

for “Earned” I means those “Badges” that a /e/ community member collect by some action.
Shure that /e/ teams have to eat every day! Work done must be payed; that should be part of /e/ organization, based on collected donation. Full /e/ balance should be published, transparency is part of FOSS.

@DiegoM, I enjoy the free Internet in my country. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to be free.

@archje As I wrote and: as allready expressed from Gael times ago: developers eat every day, as any other normal beeing, their work must get paid.

As a small active supporter of /e/ project I think that the usage of collected money is part of the project, including paying developers who almost esclusively works for the project, still accepting volunteers.

I also sponsor the LineageOS LLC Project and a few maintainers whose LOS builds I use. For me, true gratitude has three component: feeling, thinking and acting. The sponsoring amount merely serves as a sign of gratitude.



Shipping within the European Union (EU) requires significantly less administrative effort than shipping to non-EU regions.

When shipping to the United States of America, Canda and New Zealand, the legal import regulations of the respective country must be observed and customs documents must be completed. The pure shipping costs are not insignificant.

If /e/ does not offer this service, I will activate as a private person at least Smartphone Flashing service via mail at least for Samsung devices and LG G3 d855 and LG G5 h850.

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Following the Fairphone approach of promoting regulars’ tables and relying on the community sounds better to me than setting up stores.

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»Some more details may help you with selling it«

What is a fair price, 30 euro?

This says Mail us your phone is Coming Soon.

I quoted …

and wrote …

Paper doesn't blush. Cicero, to whom this phrase goes back, came to the same conclusion. And today this also applies to text on websites.

Before I learned to flash roms for my self I used a service I found on E bay in my country, Britain, just search for
Android Rooting & Custom Software Installation, cost is about £10 plus postage.

The processing fee, e.g. £10, is one thing. But shipping costs are the bigger item.

  • Within my region of Germany the fees are reasonable.

  • Within the EU the shipping costs including insurance² in case of damage or loss as well as online tracking³ are already at least twice as high.

  • Outside the EU, i.e. worldwide, such as Australia or New Zealand, the packages cost a lot of money (a multiple of £10) and the import conditions (customs declaration - CN23) of the respective country have to be considered.

After the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU (Brexit) on 31 January 2020, the transition period until 31 December 2020 still applies and therefore the still relatively cheap € 15.99 euros. Shipping costs²³. After that it will be considerably more expensive.

Finding a “/e/ OS Flashing Service” in your own country is certainly the cheapest way.

Hi archje, you’re right it’s cost effective to find a flashing service in your own country or near where you live.
I found this link on German eBay it looks like the same UK company I can’t read in German.

It’s the same seller: suddick1976

From this example you can easily see that friends of /e/ accept this price plus postage.

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When I was learning how flash ROMs I soft bricked my phone more than once and lacked the knowledge to correct my mistake, so a flashing service was good value for me.
If I didn’t already own 2 phones I’d buy a Fairphone 3 with /e/ OS.

Je pense que c’est une très mauvaise idée.

  • D’une part, le premier problème, qui est aussi le plus gros à mon avis, celui de la responsabilité en cas de brick du téléphone. Par définition, installer une ROM custom est potentiellement mortel pour un téléphone.
  • Qui se chargera de ça ? Est-ce que les grandes enseignes seraient intéressé par cette démarche ? Certainement pas. Est-ce que les petits magasins en auraient le temps ? Probablement pas.
  • La mise en place d’un tel service serait très chronophage pour les équipes du projet. Je pense que c’est le dernier de nos soucis. Avoir un OS qui fonctionne, qui est sécurisé et qui est réellement ( :wink: ) sans G**G** me semble être mille fois plus prioritaire que cette idée qui me semble très cosmétique et candide

I think this is a very bad idea.

  • On the one hand, the first problem, which I think is also the biggest, is the responsibility for the telephone brick. By nature, installing a custom ROM is potentially deadly for a phone.
  • Who’s going to take care of that? Would the big retailers be interested in this? Certainly not. Would small stores have the time? Probably not.
  • Setting up such a service would be very time-consuming for the project teams. I think that’s the least of our worries. Having an OS that works, that’s secure and that’s really ( :wink: ) G**G**-free seems to me to be a thousand times more of a priority than this idea, which seems to me to be very cosmetic and candid.

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Some of our users have been offering their services of flashing /e/OS on other user devices. There is a new category where you can find details about such local support.
Please read the About the local support category first.

Thanks to @harvey186 for taking this initiative in his area.