Show /e/-calender in Google-calendar - no changes reach Google

I’m trying to show one of my ecloud-calendars in Google. So i copied the subscription link ( and created a new calendar in Google with this URL.
My events are shown immediately in Google, but any event created afterwards is not shown. No change in ecloud-calendar reaches Google.

Perhaps this is a Google issue, but perhaps someone out there has a hint for me?


Just tested, same result … for now.
According to Google Calendar documentation, it can take up to half an day to sync :frowning: .
Will update tomorrow !

It’ll never work. I tried hard to integrate my own personal calendar into my wife’s BigG one, still not working - no clue at all.

correct. it will never work.

Why do you use a degoogled phone when you still use google services?

Hm. I use a degoogled phone to be free of google, as everyone here. But there are people I’m working together with that use google calendar where they want to integrate my events.

On the other hand I sill use google on desktop, even the calendars. But I don’t want it on mobile.

I tried for a few days before i posted here :slight_smile:
No success till now.

That’s a bad message.

I even tried the other way: syncing my google calendar with ecloud. I never got davx5 working, microG had the same problems I told here (syncing once and then never again).

Does anyone know how to work together with google-calendar-people but using /e/-calendar (or my google calendar imported in /e/) myself?

Events added yesterday in my /e/ calendar is now visible in Google Calendar.
I added another for further testing, will post back.

Are you aware of this ?

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Second test event doesn’t show in Google Calendar :frowning:
So it works … erratically !

Did you get the DAVx5 solution working ?

It’s because of google and DAVx5 / ICSx5
CalDAV and WebCal

Motto of google: Thou shalt have no gods beside me

My opinion, which I have already expressed several times, you will not get it right

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Yes I was. But thanks for the link that I visited again to read it carefully.

And so I did get DAVx5 working. I didn’t before, because I overread that I have to “Allow less secure apps” in my Google account. I allowed it now and it works.

This solution integrates my Google calendars in mobile /e/-Calendar.
What I am not able to do is to integrate them in to manage my events via desktop. If I could do this, I could have a personal ecloud-calendar and my Google-calendar for work in one webinterface. This would be the second best solution for me (I have to share my work-calendar with Google and iCal people).

The first best solution would be to have two ecloud-calendars (personal and work) and share the work-calendar with others (Google and iCal users). But kettcar64 said: “It’ll never work.”

The root of my problems is that I do not want to use Google myself but have to share my events with others in the Google and Apple universes :frowning:


Update : I now see all my /e/ events in Google Calendar. So, it works, but takes half an eternity to sync !

About including Google Calendar in /e/ (read only) : Hi from Japan. Lots of help needed - #39 by smu44
Just tested working, but sync frequency is still unknown …

Thanks for the link.
Yes, I did this before and it works.
But read only, as you said. So that’s no solution.

Will Google ever work peacefully together with other cloud calendars? Who knows :wink:

Is there any update on this?

Also tried the access via App Password, Account Manager API, CalDev API Token - but nothing works for syncing back to my Google Calendar.
Unfortunately Proton does not provide all the features needed in a modern calendar yet, so switching away from Google Calendar would be a huge downstep.

But only being able to do changes on desktop and then remove the Account in Settings and then relog just to update the calendar is absolutely no long term solution.

So when you subscribe, Google calendar gets updated, but not afterwards. So then resubscribing would update the calendar, right?