Show hidden files?

I keep getting a notification on my phone saying my e cloud storage is full. When I look at the e Files app on my computer to see what is going on there is nothing to indicate why I have exceeded my limit except there is a new notification telling me I have '12 Folders including one hidden." How do I access this folder which must be the culprit?


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The first thing you might try is to delete Trash in your email. Email in general might need attention if you keep emails which might have significant attachments.

Off topic, your email quota is limited to a fixed proportion (but adjustable by Admins) of the total eCloud storage. It would be interesting to observe if the hidden folder is indeed email Trash.

Thanks will look at this…

Go to, log in, go to the “Files” app via the Dashboard. Down in the left corner, click on “Settings” and then check the box for “Show hidden files”.

Under Android and Linux putting a “.” before the file/folder name makes it hidden. “.backup” will not be shown at default, but it is there and takes up space.

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Yes! That’s it, thank you.