Showing photos stored on external storage in /e/Cloud

Hi folks,

I have set up e selfhosted /e/cloud instance on a hetzner VPS and all is running fine. But I have the following issue:
I don’t upload my photos to /e/cloud, but I am rather keeping them in a cloud with a German content provider ( I have activated external storage support and in /e/cloud I have set up access to my photos folder in via WEBDAV. However, I cannot see the photos in the “your photos” section in /e/cloud’s photos app. I can see them by chosing the external folder in the “files” app of /e/cloud and also the “your folder” section in /e/cloud’s photo app, but not in “your photos”.

I am running a second nextcloud instance on a different vps (nextcloud 23) and I don’t have that issue there at all.

I don’t get any error log.

Anyone can advise?


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What Nextcloud version is running on your /e/ Cloud ?
It’s probably less than 23, so you may be facing a bug or misbehavior, corrected in 23 …

Also, you may find this of interest : Configuring External Storage (GUI) — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Hey Sylvain,

Thanks for your reply.

The version of /e/Cloud is 20.0.12, I have installed it recently following the instructions on the webpage. Does the bootstrap installer fetch different versions of /e/Cloud, depending on hardware?

Is there a way to upgrade to nextcloud 23?


Hi Niko,

The version of /e/ Cloud is given by the Git branch you pull (clone) here : e / infra / ecloud-selfhosting · GitLab.
More specifically, you can find the Docker images tags in this file : templates/docker-compose/docker-compose.yml · master · e / infra / ecloud-selfhosting · GitLab.

Upgrade to NC21 (hopefully NC22 then NC23 are on sight) is on the way, I tested it and reported some problems that /e/ dev team have to fix before offering the upgrade to users.

What gives the files:scan cron? If you need some assistance to add it, I can help :smiley_cat:

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Dear Sylvain,

I have just seen that has a new wonderful layout. When can we expect to get it on the self-hosted ecloud?


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Hi Niko,

Just got some news a couple of days ago : /e/ infra team faced some bugs with /e/ Cloud and postponed the upgrade, now they are resolved and self-hosted should be updated soon… Stay tuned !

Best regards,