"Shrinking" widget page

Hi everyone,
I’m running on a Pixel 3 and since installation I had a problem with the widget page: when I turn on the phone, the widget page displays fine (except for the frozen weather app many other users reported), but every time I lock the screen and unlock it, the page “shrinks” a few pixels until it becomes just a blurred wallpaper image.

I don’t know if there can be any solution for this problem, just wanted to report the issue

Is the issue you are facing similar to the one reported here. If yes pl add your comments to the issue.

yes, it’s the same: I’m going to set up a gitlab account and report the issue. thanks for the advice

I saw this on first boot of z3c after installing the recent 0.19 R build for testing. It went away after rebooting the phone, and I’ve not seen it since. (I’ve added a comment to the gitlab issue)