Sideload 6T from Android 11 to Android 13 (T) using Zorin OS

Had a OP 6T that dumped a few months ago. Did fresh install to 1.81 R, and was waiting for T to update, as I couldn’t find the Android 12 LineageOS to get the core before updating to S. No TWRP, just e boot loader.
Downloaded the T file yesterday, and had installed the platform tools to my linux distro (Zorin). Did a sideload once and rebooted into T. I did not have any passwords set, and had R with usb file transfer setting and developer settings.

Worked on the first try! Still appeared to have minimal changes and wasn’t a complete erase.

Is this loading both channels? Or did the sideload only get one of them? Rebooted and came back into T without issues.

I have another 6T and a 6. My questions are will these load without dumping apps/data or settings with the same sideload? Both are R and don’t have TWRP to make a system backup (not that I ever got TWRP backup to work without restoring the old system).


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Not certain what you are asking.

The “new feature” to Upgrade Android version without loss of data really only applies to Upgrades from S → T.

In any case, essentials should be backed up before any significant job.

I seem to remember some users reported an Upgrade R → S where data was not lost in the Upgrade, however at that stage users were asked to make a full backup.

A search of the forum might find those reports.

You are likely to be one of the first if you decide to try R → T

I have no first hand experience, but provided an answer to a similar issue Motorola - Moto G7 Play - channel - Documentation Suggestions - #3 by aibd. Notice that in the “upgrade to T” pages, there is the inclusion of sideloading recovery along with the regular system image.

Thanks for the reply @aibd . By channels, I meant the A and B slots. Did the single sideload load only one slot? I noticed on the /e/ loader screen it mentioned a part 1 of 2 and then 2 of 2. Not sure if this part of the sideload information is referring to the slots.
I’ve personally never found a good tool to backup any /e/ phone, I usually am stuck with rebuilding apps and transferring data back. If you know of a way, please let me know.
On the OP 6T that is functioning from R to T, I guess my worry is the next OTA update might get weird if one slot is still Android 11/R? This 6T was a fresh install with very few changes. So, I want to upgrade my daily use phone (6T), and will save pictures and data, but curious if the sideload would keep the data? I would think at best apps that are not compatible with Android 13, would look for an update, worst lock up the phone in some way.
One note on the Phone after upgrade: I didn’t have a SIM card in for a couple days. When I did, it was not recognized for about 20 mins. (T-mobile US). Restarted a couple times, but it seemed to work itself out.

I forgot I had an old OnePlus 5 (Cheeseburger) that was my primary a few years ago, but now I used to load most of my apps as a temp phone when I temporarily lost my 6T during a previous bad upgrade.
I updated it to 1.81 R OTA, cleared the password, and did another sideload leap to T with a bunch of apps installed this time. It also had TWRP not the /e/ loader.
It worked!
Every app is updating in the App Lounge. Pictures I had were still there. I’ll probably do some backing up on my primary 6T, but feeling more confident that it might just load over without issue. T was worth the wait if it is this easy to load! :clap::+1::slightly_smiling_face:

That is what is expected.

That is seen often and is a standard part of flashing the one partition.

Here is a post about the way slots are expected to work:

The “unused” slot is is expected to be isolated

Perhaps learn by experimentation XDA – How to manually switch the active slot.

Regarding backup I have experimented with Android Backup and Restore Tools.

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This looks nice though it is some three years old.
I now wonder how I get my FP3 rooted without spoiling everything.

Your phone doesn’t need to be fully rooted for Android Backup and Restore Tolls to work. It is enough to enable rooted debugging in Developer options. This is possible with dev builds of /e/OS, but not with stable builds.

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