Signal and Whatsapp apps without google play?

Need to know if possible to install Signal and Whats-app APPs without going to google play. I tried to search for any information, but were not able to find any.
Thanks much

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Through the F-Droid store

For Signal: Just add the TwinHelix repository to F-Droid and you can install and update it. WhatsApp I don’t use.

Or use /e/OS App Lounge to get it. This will use an anonymous account to get it from Google Play.

Or install the Aurora-Store. Here you will also find both apps.

Thanks for the information. I installed Aurora-Store, but I am not able to locate the Signal app. I did find WhatsApp, but no Signal. There is no search option to look for it. So I have gone through all the categories and so far not there.


I use Signal without G services, and I dowloaded the apk file from the Signal website.

I hope it helps

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Probably you could have a second look on it …

There’s also Langis which is better in showing notifications than the original Signal without G.

Thanks to all the help. I got it. Went under categories, communication, and it was the last one came up. Thanks again