Signal app - linked devices - camera not working

I am trying to connect Signal app with other devices but camera stays black when trying to link devices with QR code.

Any idea how to get it working?
Has someone been able to link devices?

Edit: Add some details:
Fairphone 4.
/e/OS 1.4-20220920220047
Signal 5.52.5

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Yes, linking devices worked fine in my case.

Did You allow signal to use the camera?
system settings → data protection → permissions manager → camera → allow/deny access
(not sure about the correct English wording)

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I forgot to mention I am using Fairphone 4.

/e/OS 1.4-20220920220047
Signal 5.52.5

Permission manager - camera - “allowed only while in use” is set for Signal.

maybe a FP4-user can help, good luck!

I also noticed that when trying to take picture using Signal only front camera is activated. Back camera can not be swithced on.

Signal app is now version 6.0.6 and I managed to link desktop.

Link devices - can now switch on front camera so I could read the QR code with that.

e/OS/ version 1.5.

It was actually HW failure.
All cameras are working after changing camera module.