Signal getting working (include taking your chats with you)

I wanted to move with Signal to my new Fairphone4 WITH all chats.

Here is how I made it!
First of all:

  1. Download the newest version of signal (NOT from any store!):
    Signal >> Signal Android APK

  2. Create a data backup from your old smartphone, do NOT forget to note alle the numbers (pass key)!

  3. Copy the data backup from your old to you new phone

  4. Insert your SIM-Card into your new phone, you will need it to activate it.

  5. Start Signal and choose to restore Signal with your local backup
    (if this does NOT work, you don`t have the newest Signal Version. You can not use the Signal Version from /e (too old version))

  6. You will need to enter your Signal Code and you will get 1 SMS with a veryfy code, type it

Danke :slight_smile:
(Hope this will help others saving time)

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