Signal issues with the last 2 or 3 e/OS updates

I there maybe an issue with Signal, or possibly e/OS.
My wife has a Teracube 2e and I a Fairphone 3. with the latest e/OS and Signal version. This seemed to happen a few update back. I am not sure when since we don’t live with the phone in our hand.

The issue is that we have been only receiving missed call notifications.

I did the following test. Both phones in the same room, I tried this from the desk top also. The calling phone indicates it is ringing, the called one does not ring. Let the calling one ring until it disconnects. The called phone will show a notification of a miss call, this can take up to 10+ minutes to arrive.

Once the message is received that phone can be called or call the other

Anyone else having this issue??

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Am I the only one using Signal and e/OS on a FP3 and Terracube 2e, or just the only one having this issue?

first thing I’d check is the device registration for googles cloud messaging in Settings → System → (expand menu) microG

In general if I was just chatting with a contact in Signal and initiate a call the person always picks up - nor do I get missed calls.

Just try it once:

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