Signal Messaging App not able to be accessed: "Play Services Error"

I’m having troubles running Signal messenger on /e. It comes up with a notification “Play Services Error” Google Play Services is updating or temporarily unavailable. Please try again.

This is on a OnePlus 6T, It’s running Android e-0.20-Q.

If anyone has any ideas, those would be appreciated.

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Signal-FOSS from f-droid

I wasn’t running current the Signal version available through /e/-Apps but updated to see if I get an error. Neither in the old or current version (5.28.5) could I see comm errors. Either it was temporary, due to a setting or you running another version.

Thanks! That did the trick. I didn’t realize that there was a FOSS version.

There’s also Langis which is in my experience much better than the so called Signal-FOSS because it does reliably notify when a message is received.

There is also

From Fdroid, works just fine, and get regular updates. Backups work from signal to molly, but not the other way. No sms feature, like signal does.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Good to know. Thanks!


Molly backups DOES work with Signal, just checked myself. So if you like to try molly, you can go back to signal and keep your messages.

Little tip: make messages disappear automaticly, so the backup file dont get too heavy.