Signal need to be updated - no update found

Hi all !

I downloaded Signal via the original /e/ Apps market. When I open Signal, it says that I need to update the app within the next 10 days. But no update is available through the Apps market. I found one via Aurora but for sure I did not install via Aurore neither .apk.

Does anyone has an idea why and/or what I should do?

Thanks all !

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Aurora Store will have the latest version from the Google Play Store, whci is the safest place to get it. I suggest you accet the update from Aurora Store.

If the update fails, then I suggest uninstalling your current version, and installing from Aurora Store. /e/’'s Apps store may get the update eventually, but possibly not before the 10 days are up.

Hello @Lobster This occured once before, I think someone raised an issue and in time the update was available. I will however update it over directly: Signal >> Signal Android APK

Hi @petefoth @mihi @ralxx ! Thanks all for taking the time to answer my question :+1:.

I was subject to the same issue as @ralxx raised up in this topic. I finally downloaded directly the .apk from @mihi 's post. Do you know if I will get a notification if a new version is available or if it is only through apps downloaded from apps store ?

You should get notifications from the app itself, at least it used to be that way…

Did you lose any settings? Someone asked me in the telegram chat about that.

None of my setting were lost :+1:. The change was smooth and invisible !

In the meanwhile an update for Signal latest version came through the Apps store