SIGNAL no longer sends SMS...after a random time


Since several updates, I have difficulties with signal. After a certain time (random), signal no longer sends SMS. No worries for encrypted messages, but SMS are no longer sent. Sometimes a reboot of the phone is a solution, sometimes if i switch off /on SMS in the menu is a solution too… but this is not systematic. Often I must use the message app.

In the past, both by /e/ and by an android with google, I had no problem using signal for SMS

Am I the only one who has noticed this problem?

Samsung Galaxy S7, ver. dev : 0.7-20191025258406

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No. You are not the only one. I installed Signal a week ago. Signal messages are no problem, but SMS messages often are not sent. The sending signal shows a turning circle. And it stays that way. for hours. Following the Signal manual it could be that you don’t have an internet connection. But a SMS is not sent through the internet but through your SIMcard provider.
I installed Signal again, received an update notification, performed the update and tested again. Same troubles. Using 2 apps (Sigal and SMS) is akward and it is not what Signal was made for.
As far as I can determine the Signal app is not working correctly. And that’s a pitty. I want to use Signal and not Whatsapp. I will never start using Whatsapp, but I also don’t want to use 2 apps.

BTW: the Signal version in the /e/ Playstore is not matching with the Android/Google version…

Kind regards,
André using a Nexus 5 with an actual /e/ image

You can use Langis :
It works great.

I will try ‘Langis’. Thanks for the response.
It’s a pitty that it isn’t available in the /e/ appstore.


I figured it out,
Just activate “wifi call compatibility mode”. It’s been working perfectly ever since. (Solution found on the site of Signal)

I re-installed Signal and deactivated MicroG during registering.
After registering I activated MicroG.
It’s been working perfectly ever since.



Yesterday I updated the /e/ OS on my Nexus 5.
After the update Signal stopped sending SMS messages. Frustrating:-(
I activated “wifi call compatibility mode” and checked the Signal site for further info.
It seems that nothing solves my problem.
Re-installing Signal every update and with MicroG disabled every registering action is not my preferred solution. Maybe it’s time to try Langis?


After activating wifi compatibility, a reboot of the phone is necessary

I just did that. SMS function is back again.
We will see what happens after the next OS-update.
I’ll keep you posted.

I have an S7 and after several updates the sms still work.

Best regards,

Major Tom

New problem: SMS messages are sent (sent sign is shown), but do arrive!

Can’t find Langis on FDroid…

You can add the repository to F-droid by adding a QR-code, look at the bottom of the site

Thanks. Found it and installed it.
I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Just tried sending several SMS messages: none of them arrived although Signal indicates that they have been sent.
Now what should I do? Getting a bit frustrated;-)


Anyone a suggestion?

I’m not a signal messenger specialist. For me it works perfectly… Without langis, just with wifi compatibility active…

I use the dev version of /e/ : 0.7-2020031745615


Thanks for responding. Much appreciated. I am also on /e/ 0.7-2020031745615.
I just de-installed Langis and installed Signal back again. I will see what happens.

Strange thing:
I used an old mobile for testing. I have accidently sent a signalmessage to it a few days ago.
Of course the Signal message dit not arrive.
Just after installing Signal a few moments ago I wanted to send a test-sms to the old mobile.
Chosing the old mobile number in the Signal app, Signal only offers me to send a signal message.
Although all options are activated.
I must be possible to overrule Signal and send a sms when I want to, or not?


To send a simole sms to a person using signal : press and hold down the send button (see Screenshot) and select the sms function.

Does this answer your question?

Yes! Merci beaucoup!

If one selects a contact and did not start typing, one can press and hold the + button.
Meaning one can chose sms or Signal in advance.
Ultimately the effect is the same.

Bon weekend,