Signal pending messages

I switched from Whatsapp to Signal in the last couple of weeks.
Because I want to keep my new /e/ phone clean :slight_smile:
It was tough (some people got angry), but I managed!

24 of my friends joined me or were already on Signal, and it works perfectly most of the time.
Except with 2 of my contacts: They can send me messages, but the messages that I send keep pending. However, when I contact the same persons over the Desktop version of Signal, my messages do come through.

(I have played around with Reset Secure Session and Verify Safety Number, for 1 it works now, the other one is still stuck / pending.)

Has anyone experienced the same problem?

I have searched for Signal troubleshooting but can’t find anything like this on the web.
I wonder if this bug is specific for /e/ OS.

Has happened with me on a completely different rom before (resolved itself). And have heard of it happening to someone else on Lineage. I think it was/is a signal thing, there is a setting you can toggle which helps, but I cant remember exactly, but I think i was in settings > SMS and MMS > ‘Wifi Calling’ Compatibility mode- toggle this one. I think someone else on here mentioned this previously.

Thanks, it seems to be working now!

(I also contacted Signal by the way to tell / ask them about this bug.
2 weeks ago.
But they don’t seem to reply or even send a confirmation message so far.
Bit of a pity.)

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