Signal registration does not work with MicroG

When activating my /e/ installation on my test device, I had problems with initial registration of Signal.
The cause seems to be, that there are some problems between Signal and MicroG:

Can be solved quite easy by deactivation of MicroG (via Settings->Apps) during Signal-Regsitration.
Afterwards, it can be enabled again.

As both applications are shipped by default, this should be solved for 1.0 release.

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Thanks for raising!

Did you / could you enter issue? Howto there:


I will try. See if it helps.
Even now, more than 2 years later Signal often does not send SMS messages on my Nexus 5, because it can’t connect… I was suggested to use the ‘langis’ app. But why using an app that is not in the /e/ appstore when this solution works?


I tested Signal and it works fine (don’t use sms though).

I’m wondering, on default, is there a Signal “background connection activated” message in the notification area (which just stays there if it won’t get blocked)?

Yes, on Oreo I have that persistant notification. But you can hide it from the status bar.
Keep pressing that notification, click on “All categories”, and click on “Other”, “Importance” and set it to “Low”. Now this notification won’t make noise or visual interruption.

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It’s interesting to notice that we try to do everything possible to avoid using google services, but I just read recently that Signal will use google anyway.

Signal has location sharing and the Signal app connects to google servers from time to time (indeed, even if I did not use anything location related). Otherwise Signal is using amazon servers.

I think I’ve read somewherethat in some countries government tries to block signal from the internet. Signal then uses google-api channels to keep up connections, somehow obscuring connections that way. I think as long as the government wants to allow google, signal can’t be blocked. Google said something about abusing their api but seemed to tolerate it. But I’m not certain I recall the info correctly, it’s a long time ago.

p.s. SMS works fine for me. Overall I am a very happy signal user, I am using it in replacement of the standard messenger app.