Signal requires actualization

I’m running v1.16 stable on a FP3+.

Last year installed Signal through some tricky steps over the browser.

Now it says that I have two more days to upgrade and shall actualize the app.
Hitting the actualization button results in the msg
“No such app found.”
while I am looking on the Signal-window.

Beats me.
Can you help?

You should be able to find and install Signal from the Applounge, did you try that?

I find the first three only.
What settings do you use?

I also find only crap there, AppLounge is a joke, really. Aurora has a match (version 6.36.5).

Currently I use Molly since Langis stopped it’s frequent updates and is not very actual anymore.

Found it.
I wasn’t logged on.^^

If you have installed it thru the browser, then you should also receive updates from within the app. Alot of Apps which offer download from theier website also have update feature (NewPipe, Molly). Atleast thats how I remember the Signa app before I switched to Molly.

Signal continues doing like @mihi has explained, no issues about that in the last 4 years

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